Swimming Pool Renovation & Remodels

Tie and Tide (Pvt) Ltd sets the standard high for swimming pool maintenance!

A swimming pool remodeling process will be bit of challenging task.  It requires lot of amount of planning before you begin removing existing surface.Our teams is well trained in every aspect of Pool technology to re model your pool to attain high accuracy in mechanical work.Prior to resurfacing, main drain and new inlets fittings and circulation pipes are installed.  Our Primary goal is to circulate water in most efficient way by using proper accessories such as right size speed water pumps and sand filters. We can make your swimming pool most durable and energy efficient than before once remodeling process is complete.

Whether it is for commercial or residential purpose, Tie and Tide Pools can assist you from the point of designing to material selection to upgrades of equipment in a price sensitive manner. In the material selection process, we never compromise the quality of the product in favor of low cost materials

In the process of Pool remodeling, you can totally rely on our team to get the most sophisticated enhancement by adding variety of features into the setting.

Here below are some features that Tie and Tie Pools is capable of re modeling

  • Water falls
  • Fountain Bubblers
  • Deck jets
  • Lighting
  • Patio and decking
  • Landscaping
  • Upgrading Pool technology