A quick guide to Swimming pool construction in Sri Lanka

low cost swimming pools in sri lanka

low cost swimming pools in sri lanka

If you are keen on having a swimming pool for your home or for your hotel, you might already know How overwhelming whole process it can be. From budget, design, construction to picking a good swimming pool contractor in Sri Lanka for your project takes a lot of planning, researching, and analyzing to make the right decisions. But there’s only very little information on swimming pool construction in Sri Lanka, that is credible and Unbiased -Which is why here we share, a few things you should be aware of when constructing your Swimming pool.

Things to consider before building your pool in Sri Lanka


First, it’s important that you get clear with your expectations for your swimming pool.Is it to entertain guests or for your children and family? If the pool is for guest entertainment, you will Need more deck area and space around the pool? Getting your requirement straight at the beginning will Help you find a seamless pool solution that functions well.

Laws, regulations and permits

This is another important factor that you need to get right in the first time. Experts in swimming pool Construction in Sri Lanka will be able to fully advise you on this and deliver you a design that you can get The permit for. However, its better if you can do some research by yourself as well, as there’s nothing Called being too cautious.

Size, shape, design

Is it a rectangular, oval-shaped, L shaped or a cloud shape pool you want? What is the land area you can dedicate for the project or what is the pool size that will look good with the size of your garden and the house? Do you need a tanning ledge, infinity edge, shallow pool or a pool with a deep end?


Landscaping can make a pool from just a backyard pool to an outdoor oasis full of serenity. Make sure you have a clear picture for your pool from design elements like pool deck to plants and outdoor lighting.


Who would do the maintenance of your pool? Are you going to do it by yourself or hire a pool maintenance service regularly to clean your pool? Or do you want to automate the process? Make sure to decide with which option you like to go with as it will affect your budget and the overall construction.


How soon do you need to finish your pool? If you are in a hurry, it’s a must that you hire a large scale Swimming pool builder in Sri Lanka who has the workforce and the equipment to finish a project fast without compromising the quality. Also, a good contractor will give you an estimated timeline along With the detailed budget. Although there is a chance for such a timeline to change slightly with unforeseen factors, having a clear timeline both parties agree on will help you get your project done as Fast as possible.


Although you should not make all your decisions depending on your budget (if you are to receive an up to the standard swimming pool), the budget is also a very important aspect, you should decide upfront. It should be realistic as well as affordable for you. Getting a consultation with your swimming pool builder in Sri Lanka beforehand will help you set a realistic budget for your project that you can afford as well as enough to bring your dream swimming pool into the physical world.

Finding a good swimming pool contractor in Sri Lanka is important

The success of your dream swimming pool construction is 90% based on the swimming pool contractor you hire- Which is why you should do some serious researching before you select a Swimming pool contractor in Sri Lanka to be your builder. Below are a few important things to look for when you in your swimming pool contractor hunt.

  • Experience

How long they have been in the industry? Do they have experience in handling project of your type and size?

  • Team

Do they have an in-house team of expert? How they source labors and machinery? What is their Teams and labors’ experience like?

  • Previous projects

Check out a few of their projects. You will be able to find previous work on their website and social media. If you feel like you require more sample to have a look at, feel free to ask them.

  • Customer reviews

Just looking at the final result is not enough, it’s important that you know what the whole service experience was like. Did the builder meet deadlines and delivered the project on time? How was it to work with the company? How’s their attention to detail? Make sure to learn about those things from real clients by going through their testimonials and reviews on social media, or by reaching directly to a few of their clients.

Tie & Tide can help you

Tie & Tide (Pvt) Ltd is a leading Sri Lankan swimming pool builders with more than 15 years of experience under our belt. Focusing mainly on luxury pool construction, we specialize in residential and commercial pool construction. With a delighted client base from around the island, we are known for our low-cost swimming pool construction solutions bringing your pool desires into the reality within your budget.

Whether you a homeowner looking for a low-cost swimming pool construction solution or a hotel owner in search of a luxury swimming pool contractor in Sri Lanka, we have the solution for you. As a company who strive to maintain quality and standards, our solutions aim for perfection from design to installation. Offering you personalized service from custom pool designs to construction method suit your budget and requirement, we assure you the pool of your dream in front of your eyes in no time. We are flexible and pay close attention to details in order to deliver you a swimming pool beyond perfection. With an in-house team of experts in pool construction in Sri Lanka, we know the real know- how in building luxury pools, ensuring our clients a hassle-free service. Let’s us be your swimming pool contractor of choice in Sri Lanka and we’ll deliver you the pool you’ve always dream of.

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