Pool Decking

Here below are few tips that you need to know about pool decking

Being the immediate area around the swimming pool. This area needs to be well taken care of. It is also known as a pool patio. Without a proper deck, your pool will be incomplete one. This is the space where your Sunbeds, tables, chairs will be placed at convenience. It creates stylish, inviting look for you and your visitors.

Decking allows flexibility in the designing and construction process. When building your deck make sure you have balance of adequate slope to flow the rainwater away from the pool.

In order to bring safety to your backyard, slip resistant deck is highly recommendable. Moreover it does help get finished decorative look creating extra value as well as selling potential. Whether it is concrete, Tiles, Stones, Interlocks, woodTie and Tide Pools can help turn your deck into a sophisticated setting.

Poured Concrete:

When it comes to designing a pool deck. Concrete option is always the best. Compared with other materials it is very much cost effective Further it is slip resistant. Sometimes itis also referred to as cement deck.Considering all, is the most affordable option for those who look for low cost pool decking?

Wooden Decking:

Wooden decking have a growing popularity amongst modern Customers. It is becoming a trend as it brings a natural look to your pool. With proper maintenance,you can keep well over a decade without any renovation. Despite its magnificent look, Material and installation cost will be fairly high to bear for an average pool owner

Stone decking

These type of stones can be laid over pour concrete .They come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Prior to laying them, it is highly important to treat with a protective sealer to retain its naturallook for long lasting experience against poor chemicals and weather changes.  We always encourage our customers to choose light colorsrather than dark ones as they are more heat resistant.